Two Natural Health Care Items to Keep in Your First Aid Kit

Posted on: 15 December 2020

If you prefer to use natural or organic items whenever possible, here are a couple of goods you should keep in your first-aid kit.

1. Natural band-aids

Every first-aid kit should contain a collection of band-aids that vary in size, thickness and water resistance, as these are great for protecting skin that has been damaged by cuts, grazes, minor burns, blisters or insect bites. In your situation, you should look for natural band-aids. These are usually made from a natural and organic material, such as cotton or bamboo, which is breathable and is not produced using pesticides. Unlike some standard plasters, these do not feature any plastic materials that can trap moisture and encourage bacterial growth.

Natural band-aids are particularly useful if anyone in your household has sensitive skin as a result of suffering from eczema, acne or psoriasis because if they develop a wound in an area where they have, for example, a patch of eczema, the band aid's naturally-derived adhesive and cloth material will not irritate this delicate area of their skin. This is important, as if their eczema worsens in the wounded area as a result of irritation caused by a band-aid, the affected person might find that the healing of their wound not only takes longer but also ends up being much more painful. 

2. A jar of high-quality honey

The other item you should keep in your first-aid kit is a jar of honey that is used only for medical purposes. The reason for this is as follows; honey has been found to help expedite the healing of certain wounds, such as minor burns. When applied like a salve to these wounds, its sugary, slightly-acidic composition can prevent bacterial proliferation. Because of its sticky texture, it will adhere nicely to the wounded area and will not wash off easily if the affected skin gets wet. However, placing one of the aforementioned natural band-aids over this area should help to keep the honey stuck to the wound for as long as possible, which should then lead to it healing very quickly.

Its antibacterial properties can also make it useful if anyone in your home develops a sore throat. If they swallow a spoonful of this food a few times a day, the honey may reduce the number of bacteria in the back of their throat that is causing the issue and in doing, help to ease their pain.