Floyd Parker

  • Tackling wellness through sleep for stressed out executives

    Sleep is an often neglected aspect of health management. However, when patients get enough sleep, they experience a range of wellness benefits including reduced tendency to gain weight, mood improvements, and a reduced risk of a number of physical disorders such as diabetes and heart disease. Here are some natural health care approaches to managing your sleep.  Schedule time for sleep One of the simplest reasons that people can struggle with getting enough sleep is a simple time crunch of trying to fit too many hours of work into a day.
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  • How can physiotherapy help my autistic child?

    Children with autism spectrum disorders have challenges in a number of ways, including physical constraints. There is growing evidence that using a range of therapies including physiotherapy can help autistic children to develop necessary motor skills, as well as provide some benefits to behaviour and communication skills.  Individual sessions  In individual sessions, the physiotherapist can look at the child's current level of motor skills and construct some exercises to help  improve these skills.
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